Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is it August ALREADY????

Yikes! Between building a new house and trying to tweak things for my second year at my new school, summer has FLOWN by. My wheels are turning and I've already got my mind set on the first week of school (it's uncontrollable!).

I typically start off my first day with my syllabus. I created last year's with Piktochart (as inspired by Creative Language Class' blog post last year about the best syllabus). It was a beautiful masterpiece in my humble opinion and focused on rules as well as the language journey that my students make throughout the year and how far they will advance in the proficiency path. Take a look!! I think it's really pretty and I'm obsessed with it :)

This Path to Proficiency is available for free download on TPT!

I'd LOVE to share this with you guys, so instead of paying a buttload to be able to "share" the editable version with you all, for now I'm going to post it on TPT. *When you purchase it you can send me an email and I will EDIT it and personally replace my info with yours and truly make it personal for you and your school. Is that crazy?? YES, but I'd love to help you all out and my students truly loved going over this the first day of class. Here's the link below:

Next, I go over my expectations for each class with a heavy emphasis on behavioral issues. Luckily, my school is full of wonderful students with very involved parents so a simple threat or phone call home will stop any annoyance or issue right in its tracks. If it goes any further they are immediately sent out and typically sent home for the day. (I know, right??)

I also have this sign hanging right next to the front board. And another one next to the door. And another one next to the clock. :) If they interrupt me, which I HATE, they have to write this sentence a certain number of times (my choice) as a first warning. After that, they get sent out. Adioooooos!
And I have these signs above my board as a friendly reminder:

This concludes my first day - for now. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I would like to purchase/use your syllabus with my information personalized. Are you willing to share your syllabus?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry! Yes the syllabus is personalized/editable by me. If you like the format, general information, and rules and only need to really change the personal information, then it would be a mild edit at the cost of $15.

      If you would like me to go into specific detail, adding information, changing the wording of some rules, etc. then the cost would be $25.

      I hope that helped. If you'd like to go ahead and choose an option just message me back and I will set it up on TPT for purchase.

      Thank you!
      Brooke H.